Traditional kitchens are still popular throughout the world, but designs are changing. According to Forbes, a new kind of traditional kitchen is emerging. Kitchens this year are designed using cleaner lines and fewer frills than we’ve seen in decades past. Today, kitchens put an emphasis on practicality.

With mid-century mod styles making a strong comeback, you may be inspired by the simple beauty of contemporary kitchens. But if traditional kitchens are the most common style in your friends’ homes, modern kitchens might still seem a little exotic.

Modern styles are extremely popular in German kitchens. Europeans have long favored the contemporary look with clean, straight lines and excellent organization. Modern kitchens are experiencing a surge in popularity in the US as well. According to Forbes, this year we saw a re-emergence in mid-century mod kitchens. German kitchen engineers are masters of modern styles, with clients around the world looking to German manufacturers for the most finely crafted, practical kitchen for their own home.

The tasks involved when remodeling a new or existing kitchen can seem daunting- design planning, budgeting, material selection, plumbing and electrical work, and more. Leicht New York approaches each of these challenges along with the client. We handle all stages of remodeling with a full-service concept, eliminating the stress of managing the project alone.

Kitchen renovation is an exciting opportunity to transform the home. Leicht New York gives modern kitchen updates an edge from Germany’s leading luxury kitchen brand. With over 5,000 cabinet colors available and finishes from lacquer to exotic wood veneer, your kitchen plan ideas are the springboard for a completely unique custom kitchen from Leicht.

Today, the kitchen is officially the center of the home. Due to the evolution of our lifestyle as well as changes in the way the kitchen functions, we can now declare that the kitchen is the center of the home.

You decided you want a new kitchen and yes it is quite an involved undertaking. You will need to determine what will be the best design and find the best suppliers at the best prices, schedule everything and live through the construction. Most of us are not sure where to start because we only go through this process once every 20 years or more.

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