Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

LEICHT is the market leader in customized kitchen systems largely because we cater to so many stylistic preferences. Our traditional cabinetry adds cosy ambiance within the heart of your home, with the same German engineered quality of our modern cabinets. Choose from many delightful handles and old-fashioned paneled doors, with up to date add-ons such as flat recessed lighting, inner towel racks and pantry swivel shelves.

Our core philosophy is to incorporate your style while we enhance your kitchen functionality. As with all LEICHT kitchen cabinetry, a high degree of customization is easily accommodated. Our flexible options ensure that your traditional kitchen cabinet system will fit perfectly into your home while serving all your needs with finesse and unparalleled durability.

Whether you choose to embody that classic 20th century appeal that invokes nostalgia and comfort, or you blend modern and traditional elements to create a novel concept, LEICHT traditional kitchen cabinets furnish the home with boundless charm and innovation.